The Cloud Kingdom


Planet Hearth

Once upon a time, in a far-off galaxy, there was a little planet named Hearth. Hearth was a beautiful place, with rolling green hills, sparkling lakes, and forests full of exotic flora and fauna.

But the most peculiar and beloved inhabitants of Hearth were the tiny cloud creatures. These mischievous beings were made entirely of vapor, and they loved nothing more than to dance and play among the clouds.

Every day, the cloud creatures would rise up into the sky, chasing each other and forming shapes and patterns with their wispy bodies. And every night, as the sun set, they would settle back down to the surface of Hearth, disappearing into the dew that collected on the grass.

The cloud creatures were deeply attuned to the rhythms of the planet, and they knew that everything on Hearth followed a cycle. The seasons came and went, the tides rose and fell, and even the clouds themselves followed a pattern of formation and dissolution.

To the cloud creatures, this cyclicity was a source of comfort and stability. They knew that no matter what changes the world might bring, there would always be a sense of order and predictability.

And so, the cloud creatures lived their days in joy and harmony, taking comfort in the knowledge that their world was one of endless cycles, and that each day brought with it new opportunities for fun and play.

chapter I


Octobear was a curious and creative creature, always looking for new ways to improve his home on the planet Hearth. He had eight tentacles, which he used to craft all sorts of intricate objects, from furniture to decorations. He was a hybrid of an octopus and a bear, with the body of the former and the face of the latter.

 Feer, a hybrid of a fly and a deer, with delicate wings and a slender, graceful body.

Feer had stumbled upon the planet Hearth by accident and had been searching for other inhabitants. When he saw Octobear’s house, he was immediately drawn to it and decided to make a nest nearby, hoping to get to know the strange octopus-bear creature better.




Rabbish has a rabbit body and a fish tail. 


Junk, a jaguar and skunk hybrid with sleek fur and a distinctive stripe down its back



Slog, a sloth and dog hybrid with a lazy disposition and a wagging tail. But unlike the other creatures, the Slog had a heart of a dog – loyal, brave, and true.

Jelloose, a combination of a jellyfish and a moose, with a translucent body and long, antlers.

chapter II

Planet Hearth Underground

But despite their best efforts, the cloud creatures could not escape the water cycle that governed their world. As they traveled, they encountered more and more water, in the form of rain, sleet, and snow. The Eye-catchers seemed to be everywhere, waiting to drag them down into the darkness of the underground caves.

In the end, the fate of the cloud creatures was uncertain. They were tired and battered, and it seemed that the journey to rise back up into the clouds might be too much for them. But even as they huddled together, shivering and afraid, they held on to the hope that, somehow, they would find a way to triumph over the water cycle and return to the skies. The story ends with the cloud creatures having an open ending, where they may or may not make it back to the clouds.