During her studies at the stone sculpting department of Bratislava’s School of Applied Arts, Barbora discovered that sculptures can be small and, for example, wearable, and that there is no need to limit oneself in materials at all – it can be a great statement tool.

She continued her studies at the Metal and Jewelry design department at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, where she learned that “Jewelry can be anything we consider a jewelry.” For example, a story that we carry in our head or heart.

She completed her student journey in 2019 at the Gemstone and jewelry department at the University of Trier in Germany, where she better defined her work as “narrative” and therefore paid more attention to carefully draw her artistic stories.

Since 2020, she lives and creates back in Bratislava. 


She calls her creations clouds. This heavenly phenomenon is Barbora’s endless source of inspiration – strange abstract shapes high in the sky in their monumentality and yet, lightness. The contrast between light and shadow changes from a romantic sunrise to a gray angry storm. Abstraction in forms that enliven our imagination, they can be nothing and everything at the same time. Seeing strange animals floating silently like big fluffy masses and connecting them with our personal stories, memories, emotions, feelings. Are they all hidden within, or are we the ones hiding them?

In her work, Barbora brings fog and mystery to everyday life. Is it possible to believe what we see is really there? Are we making everything up or is it just a complex game of life? Sometimes more of the personality is revealed, sometimes they remain hidden, it’s a game with secrets that we really want to reveal.

A cloud is made up of many small particles of water or ice. When we look from a higher perspective, we see an interconnected system of the water cycle, of which clouds are only one stage. In her current work, Barbora explores the cycle phenomenon and its various forms.



Trier University of Applied Sciences, 

Campus Idar-Oberstein (Germany) 


Internship Tanel Veenre Studio (Estonia)


University of West Bohemia,

Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of design and art, Pilsen (Czech Rep.)


School of Applied Arts, Bratislava (Slovakia) 



Sympózium umeleckého šperku v Kremnici, NBS Múzeum  (SK)

Galerie Ladislava Sutnara, Plzeň (CZ) Shapes: Venus


Talente, Munich (DE)

Inhorgenda, Munich (DE)

Intergem, Idar-Oberstein (DE)


Galerie Marzee Graduation Show, Nijmegen (NL) Prize awarded

Joya Barcelona (ES)

Intro Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)


SIERAAD art fair Amsterdam (NL)

Esse Gallery Space Ceské Budejovice (CZ) DEZIIN Prague (CZ) Solo show

Galerie Klenová, Klatovy (CZ)


Prague Design Week (CZ)


Ladislav Sutnar: Venus, City Gallery Pilsen (CZ) Return…Ladislav Sutnar,

The Museum of West Bohemia in Pilsen (CZ)

STONE + WOOD, Satelit Gallery Bratislava (SK)


STONE + TEXTIL-TWO OF EIGHT, Design studio ÚLUV Bratislava (SK)


Junior design Fest Bratislava (SK) MOBIEX Brno (CZ)